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A Starter Drum Set Can Be Great For Your Child Drummer

A starter drum set can be an ideal investment for anyone who is preparing for purchase. Although there are all kinds of products on the market, you may feel quite constrained budget wise, if you have not considered a starter set. These sets provide you with a full drum set without the big price tag that is normally associated with purchasing these units.

  • 3 Jul 2017

How To Make Your Own Drum Set With Less Money, Less Tools, And Less Space: 15 Tips

Let's cut to the chase: You can make your own drum set with less money, less equipment, less time, and less space. And you can do it all without sacrificing an ounce of sound or appearance quality. So, would you do it if you could? Ofcorse you would. Who wants to blow a ton of money on tools, workspace and time when you don't have to?


  • 14 Jul 2017
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9 Aug 2017
Posted By Tina P.

Types of Drums

Drums are percussive instruments built by stretching a membrane across an opening in a vessel. The most common property of various types of drums is their pitch. Drums are the one of the oldest and the most omnipresent instruments. Even with the various types of drums present, the most common aspect is the origin of sound. Sound in a drum originates from the vibration caused when you strike the membrane, called the head, with another object.
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