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Pearl Championship Marching Tom with R Ring Brushed Silver (#26) 6x8

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Manufacturer Pearl
Brand Pearl
Model USED004001 PT0608N/A26
UPC 633816437465
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3 Jul 2017

The Drum Line: The Bad Boys Of Halftime

When I was in high school, I was on the dance team and during football season, we worked with the band for the halftime show.

2 Jul 2017

Tuning Your Drum Set

Tuning your drum set is one of the most important maintenance activities as a drummer. Even before the drummer starts playing or recording he has to ensure that the drum is well tuned and ready to sound good.

26 Jul 2017

Everything You Want To Know About 6 Piece Drum Kit

A 6 piece drum kit can vary from one individual drummer to another based on the kind of sound they like. This special kit consists of bass drum, floor tom, snare, toms, hi hats and cymbals.

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